Why Us

Factory advantages 
Currently, SC has invested in 2 factories which adopt metal processing crafts such as cutting, machining, stamping, bending, welding, coating, etc. Therefore, SC possess unique development and cost advantages for those finished parts requiring several kinds of crafts.
Each factory is independent of each other but supports each other, shares resources and provides high-qualified products for customers.
According to requirements of customers, SC recommends the best and the most economic production crafts under the premise of ensuring the quality, in order to reduce their procurement costs.

Design advantages
SC designs the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings based on the samples or real photos provided by customers, and confirms the final size requirements with them.
SC is capable of modifying the old drawings subject to customer demands, and design the new drawings then manufacture the order.

Quality control
SC conducts quality control in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Certification System, and practices the worker’s self-inspection and routing inspection on a regular basis during production, the QC strict sampling before packaging and the delivery.
Each batch of products is accompanied by Inspection Report from SC and raw materials test report from the steel factory.

Service advantages
SC offers the price with supplied drawings no later than 3 weekdays.
SC usually completes the design within 3 weekdays for the designed products.
For the first development of non-standard parts, SC refunds the mould fee in case of 2 times of nonconforming samples delivered.
Our business specialists provide 7 days X 24hours online service, and you can feel free to contact us by E-mail, phone, skype, WeChat and other software.

Delivery advantages
SC is familiar with the customs clearance requirements of different countries, and promptly provides customers with the necessary customs clearance information, in order to ensure your rapid receipt of the goods.

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